Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Need a Woman

George desperately wants to fuck a woman, but all her lady- friends are out of town, or otherwise unavailable. He goes to a friend Joe, who is a gigolo.

"I need a woman, please help me out", he tells to his friend.

"OK, that's easy. Go with train. After three stops You must exit the train. There You will see a 3-floor building. Go to apartment no. 7. When the woman opens the door, just say, 'I came here to fuck You.'. It's as simple as this."

Off George goes. Time flies in a train, because George examines with his eyes all the women in the train. (unfortunately he misses one train- stop.) When he exits the train, he actually notices a three- floor house (but this is another one). He goes to apartments no. 7 and tells the lady, "I'm here to Fuck You".

They get inside, undressed and right to the bed. After few "rounds" George hears that someone opening the front door. He tries to dress himself, but he's not fast enough.

The husband enters: "IN WHICH TRAIN STOP I DID TELL YOU TO EXIT!" yells Joe.